Strategi Hedging Indonesia terhadap Klaim Teritorial Tiongkok di Laut Tiongkok Selatan

Aisha Rasyidila Kusumasomantri


China's territorial claim extended along the waters of South China Sea. With the support of its economic and military power as a rising power of Asia Pacific, China exert a lot of expense to conduct diplomacy with other claimant states, and did not hesitate to use its force. China's effort to asset its claim seen as am agresive behavior, and developing concern among the littoral state, especialy members of ASEAN who are involved with China in the dispute of South China Sea. Meanwhile, Indonesia, as the largest country in ASEAN, approaching china both in diplomacy and military aspect while still maintaining a good relation with United States. This study will discuss further about decision-making and rationale of Indonesia as a middle power country, in response to a conflict that involving a regional great power.


Hedging Strategy, Foreign Policy, Balance of Power, South China Sea, Indonesia, China, ASEAN, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, and United States of America.



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